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cotton balls. duct tape. spoon. needle. thread. scalpel. announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life.
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the daughter says the officers were polite, but they could have done more to protect peterson's privacy, by patting town those private parts away from the public. >> to me, i can't understand with all the people in an airport why they would pick out some little old lady. >> reporter: marian is all for security, butor those she says who might actually pose a threat. >> this is really tough to decide. >> it is. >> because at the same time a terrorist wouldn't discriminate and might put it on an older person thinking, oh, surely they'll get by. >> unbeknownst to them. >> there was the lady just recently who was asked to remove her adult diaper. >> yes. >> and she was in her 90s too. >> right. you have to think we can take these people into a private area and go through that at the very least. it is our question of the day at i would say the majority of them are saying that people just need
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to grin and bear it. >> deal with it. >> no exceptions, if you don't like it, take another mode of transportation. it's something we've all got to go through. with a little bit of delicacy when you're talking about people like this lady in the story. >> in the name of safety. >> exactly. there's more trouble this morning for media mogul rupert murdock. the fbi is launching its own investigation into the widening scandal involving rupert murdock's new york-based news corp company. investigators are looking into whether news corp personnel tried to access cell phone messages and records of 9/11 victims s d their families. a deal may be taking shape to head off the budget crisis. it would allow the president to raise the debt limit while cutting an equal amount in tacks. we may hear more about the plan when president obama holds a news conference later on this morning. abc's jake tapper reports now from the white house. >> reporter: the clock is ticking down. >> and we have no way to give
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congress more time to solve this problem and we're running out of time. >> reporter: congress at times sounds like a playground recess. >> eric cantor has shown he shouldn't be at the table and republicans agree he shouldn't be at the table. >> leader reid is frustrated as we all are. and the fact is we are going to abide by our principles. >> reporter: president obama rejected a call from house republican leader rick cantor to agree to $1.5 trillion in both spending cuts and an increase in the debt ceiling. with another vote on the matter next year. the president said no. this may bring my presidency down, but i will not yield on this. >> the president is saying, essentially, he would rather have a default than have to vote on this again next year. that doesn't make any sense. >> he is saying that leaders should lead and we have to do the right thing here. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised the federal government will default on its debt while immediately confronting the fact that it spends far more than it takes
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in. let's take a look at our books. next month the government will take in $172 billion in taxes. but it will owe $307 billion. the government will be forced to choose. after paying the interest on our debt, the government could pay for social security, medicare, medicaid, troop salaries, veterans' benefits, homeland security, unemployment insurance, tax refunds, education, and the faa. but that means it would not fund the centers for disease control, food stamps, aid for the feedy, federal housing, energy, and the highway programs, the fbi, and much, much more. a democrat familiar with negotiations said at the most recent meeting there was a growing recognition that they needed to put aside the talking points and get to work. but the clock is ticking. jake tapper action abc news, the white house. mexican soldiers have discovered a 300-acre marijuana plantation, the largest ever found in that country. the field in baja california was
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covered with thousands of pot plants. that translates to about 120 tons of harvested marijuana worth about $160 million. the growers managed to set up a sophisticated irrigation system to keep the crops healthy. a seattle window washer is happy to be back on solid ground after spending 40 minutes dangling five stotoes in the air. jose garcia was working alone when a chain securing his seat snapped leaving him hanging by his harness. he wrapped himself around a safety line and did exactly what i would do, he screamed for help. firefighters sent up a ladder and helped him walk down. he was shaken but not hurt. to greater heights now, outt of this world, in fact. astronauts aboard shuttle "atlantis" are troubleshooting their second computer problem this week. the failure in one of the shuttle'e'main computers forced nasa to wake them up yesterday an hour and a half after going to bed. that's a little rough. they got up again at midnight to take another look. nasa says "atlantis" is stable
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and there are no concerns for the crew's safety. scheduled to return to the kennedy space center on july 21st. i think that's really when it's going to sink in that the shuttle program is winding down. here is a look at your weather for this friday. severe storms from denver to fargo and the twin cities. heavy rain for the southeast and gulf coast. thunderstorms from texas to tennessee and kentucky. more heavy rain from new mexico to utah. showers in the pacific northwest and northern california. >> 70s along the pacific coast. 92 in colorado springs. triple digits in phoenix and dallas. 91 degrees in kansas city. and 86 degrees in indy. boston gets up to 82. miami 90 degrees. visiting an amusement park is always a treat for any 3-year-old. but for a little california boy this visit was packed with a little something extra. >> dane sparks loves lego land, especially his favorite character there, darts vader. he was posing for a picture when another character asked if he could join in. >> it turned out to be dane's
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dad. he's a marine sergeant who's been deployed in afghanistan since january. obviously a picture-perfect moment there. it's like better than if luke skywalker had walked in. >> his own superhero. >> exactly. pretty amazing stuff. we'll be right back with more "world news now." let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company,
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so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. lady liberty there. there was some major girl power going on this week. we sawawut the soccer field and
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at a science fair. >> while all eyes have been on team usa's performance of the world cup there are other american girls who are also kicking something other than soccer balls. abc's sharyn alfonsi explains. >> reporter: just like that. u.s. women's soccer team has turned goal power into serious girl power. especially for those of us who grew up rocking their own shin guards. see that little boy? that's actually me. i had no problem blending in. but i was often the only girl on the field. today, more than 1.5 million girls play soccer. but in another field, womom are still seriously outnumbered. science. only 12% of engineers today are female. which makes what happened at the google science fair this week so amazing. 7,000 entries from 91 countries. >> sean from sow paul. >> i'm from south africa. >> reporter: the winners? three american girls. >> when i go to school, i feel
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like an all-american teenager. >> reporter: naomi shaw discovered ways to improve indoor air equal quality for people with asthma. >> i enjoy violin, piano. >> reporter: certain marinades on grilled chicken create harmful carcinogens. >> we are here to actually see the cattle drives -- >> reporter: 17-year-old sha re's breakthrough, identifying a protein that could counter the resistance some women have to chemotherapy. >> that perception that women can't compete in science has been ingrained in this field for so long. this shows that our world is changing and women are stepping forward in science. and i'm excited to be a small part of that. >> reporter: the future stars of another field. no shin guards required. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> and sha re got a $50,000 scsclarship for her work, a trip to the galapagos islands, an internship with sern in switzerland. pretty amazing stuff.
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obviously those three girls, call them girls but they're mature women, young women, amazing stuff. >> great ideas. also some great ideas, a bright idea here as far as usa, i think that we can safely say they're going to beat japan. as a matter of fact, they've never lost to japan in 25 games. >> the odds are pretty good, right? >> exactly. i'll be tuning in on sunday. >> it's been an amazing run so far. coming up, the emmy nomination judges are just mad about a popular cable tv program. >> "mad men" dominates the nomination list, along with a few surprises. you're watching "world news now." announcer: when you earn your ged diploma, the barriers in your life fall. take the first step and get free ged information in your area
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at 1-877-38-your-ged, or the nominations for the 63rd annual primetime emmys are out. and as usual, abc's "mad men" is
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leading way. >> very popular show. there were plenty of other familiar shows and actors getting nods and a few surprises and snubs too. here's abc's karen travers with more this year's nominees. >> i can see you have good taste. >> reporter: amc's "mad men," which focuses on the changing american workplace in the 1960s, came out on top with 19 nominations including one for best drama. "mad men" has won in that category the past three years. >> i don't even know our number. >> reporter: abc's "modern family" was s e most nominated sitcom with 17 nods including best medy, a category the show won last year. all six of "modern family's" adult actors were nominated for a supporting role, including ed o'neill who scored his first-ever emmy nomination. 89-year-old betty white continued her blazing run back into the spotlight with a nomination for best supporting actress in a comedy for her role in "hot in cleveland." the biggest surprise may have been melissa mccarthy's nomination for best actress in a
2:51 am
comedy. nobody seemed more shocked than mccarthy herself, who was up early in los angeles to announce the nominees with actor joshua jackson of "fringe." >> melissa mccarthy, "mike and molly." >> oh my god, yikes. >> usually see more familiar faces during these emmy nominations than at your tenth high school reunion. any time there's a new face it's pretty exciting. >> reporter: several actors were nominated in their final chance to win an emmy for their current roles. connie britain and kyle chandler earned lead actor nods in a drama for "friday night lights" which was canceled. steve carell, who's leaving the starring role in "the office," was nominated for best actor in a comedy. the awawd ceremony will be held on september 18th in los angeles with "glee's" jane lynch hosting. karen travers, a a news. >> would you say you're a true "mad men" fan? >> i am, as a matter of fact. you can almost call me a don
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draper wannabe. >> you've got the look, i can see it. there you are. >> check it out. i really should have worn my fedora, what was i thinking? i love the pocket scarves coming back now.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> normally it would be time for your "morning papers." >> but instead today you are the headline. they brought the substitute to send you off in style. >> it's wonderful to have you here. >> the last two months. >> yes, it's been two months, it's hard to believe it's gone by that quickly but it has. i want to thank everybody who works on this show. they are tireless and wonderful. and they're the best in the business to work with. it's been a pleasure and a privilege to work on this show for the last couple of months. it has a storied history and somehow i managed to screw it up. >> this is not a good-bye. >> no, i'll be dropping by every so often. >> aww! >> look at this. >> oh, any excuse to have a cake. >> of course i volunteered to come in on the night with cake.
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>> yes. oh, wow, thank you, guys. thank you. these are the wonderful people who make this show happen, some of them by the way. you can't see all of them. >> come one, come all. >> to you guys want to have some cake already? i don't have a knife. oh, of course. nothing but the best. we've got to get rid of the styrofoam. didn't we talk about this? >> we're going green. >> who wants a piece here? >> thanks, daniel. >> polka is next, by the way. thank you so much again. thank you, everybody. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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is morning on "world news now," airline anxiety. two jets collide at boston's logan airport, giving passengers on both planes quite a jolt. >> the runway accident raises new questions about safety for airline passengers not only in the air but on the ground. it's friday, july 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. >> i'm linsey davis in for peggy bunker. that collision involved a big 767 delta jet and a smaller jet operated by tell that's commuter service. the good news, just one of the passengers had to go to the hospital. but as you're about to see, it was quite a scare. >> fortunately they weren't
3:01 am
going too fast at the time so it could have been a lot worse. >> can you imagine being on there and just not knowing what's happening? >> absolutely, really scary for folks on those flights. another uproar at the airport. with airlines charging you to check your bags shouldn't this fee technically be refund tuesday your luggage gets lost? it's an n sue that has a lot of frequent flyers fuming. linsey, you travel a lot, have you ever lost your bags entirely? >> fortunately, knock on wood, have not. they'll only reimburse you if they lose it for good. >> even maybe not enough money to cover everything that's in it. later on this half hour the final chapter of the harry potter movie story hits theaters today. why this is such a magical time for those who can't get enough of this stuff. >> are you a big harry potter fan yourself? >> i can't say that i am. >> haven't got into it? >> i couldn't understand the people lined up down the block tonight. i get it, i get it. >> the wizard costumes, the wants. >> i think i've seen you dressed
3:02 am
up in one of those before. >> i might bring my harry potter glassth at some point. >> if you're lucky. first, passengers aboard those two planes were shaken up but not seriously hurt in the accident. >> investigators trying to figure out how the collision could have happened. wcbb's history 8 quiroga reports now from boston logan airport. >> reporter: delta flight 266 from boston to amsterdam on the runway taxiing when suddenly -- >> we feel like a shake. i thought we ran something over. pothole, whatever. next thing you know, lights are flashing outside. >> reporter: just ahead of the big 767, a smaller regional jet, asa flight 4904, on its way to raleigh. >> we're taxiing slowly, then we felt a huge bump. everybody said at once, what happened? >> reporter: you can see the wing of the 767 where it clipped the smaller plane. the photo taken by johan sister mark. >> the tip of the wing just sheared right off. i think the whole tail section,
3:03 am
or like the tail fin, came off of the other plane. >> repepter: the tail of the raleigh-bound plane was badly crushed. could you feel the jolt? >> oh, yeah, yeah. woke you up. >> how would you describe it? >> it woke me up, that's right. it wasn't that strong but it was very odd. some people thought we ran off the runway. >> reporter: still, on both planes, nobody seemed d panic. >> then i saw the flight attendants pick up the phone, talk, and say something about "we lost the wing." look out the window and actually, yeah, there's the wing tip. >> could have happened when we were in the air, just as we were taking off, you know. i was thinking it could have been a lot worse than it was. so we were just grateful no one was hurt. >> reporter: we have learned that at least one person did complain of neck pains. that man was taken to mass general hospital as a precaution. delta rebooked many of the passengers last night. the rest will be leaving as early as possible today. as one man told me, it was on the way to a hotel to get himself a drink. in boston, abc news.
3:04 am
>> who could blame him. the jumbo jet was going to a.m. administer dam, the commuter jet to raleigh. >> apparently delta sent out a tweet saying that the passengers will be rebooked at a hotel, compensation. >> you would think so. >> and they're following up on that report of the injury. . >> we'll have to see if they can figure out what happened exactly. >> hopefully it is minor. of course we'll have live coverage of the runway collision in boston later on "america this morning" and "good morning america." look for updates any time on federal agents arrested a soldier after they say they tried to sneak military explosives on a united airlines flight. the 19-year-old army private told investigators he picked up a small amount of c-4 explosives while at a military training course. a tsa agent did a swab test on the soldier's bag and the test was positive. he was apprehended before boarding a flight from yuma, arizona, to los angeles. airline passengers grumbling about lost luggage now have another dispute. even though there are extra fees
3:05 am
to check bags there's no guarantee airlines will reimburse passengers when their suitcases get lost. abc's steve osunsami has the details. >> reporter: it didn't take us long to find passengers paid $25, $50, sometimes $100 for checked bags that failed to meet them at baggage claim. >> why are you paying all this money for nothing? i don't know, i just don't think it's right. >> it's very customer unfriendly. >> reporter: robin humphrey says she wants her baggage fees returned. you want your money back? >> yes, i would like my money back. >> reporter: it's not supposed to be this difficult. under new federal rules, about to kick in, the airlines are supposed to reimburse passengers for baggage fees if their bags are lost and pay consequential damages when t t luggage is late already when you read the rules closely it's pretty clear the airlines only have to pay when the bags are lost for good. that's a profitable loophole in the rules. little comfort to the owners of the nearly 31 million bagth that are misplaced and rerouted every year. we caught up with mike hopkins in tokyo on business and fresh
3:06 am
from climbing mt. fuji. when he arrived in japan his bags were in los angeles. >> i had absolutely no clothes with me, i had no toiletries with me, i had no deodorant. it wasn't until i actually did put up an argument that they did give me a voucher. >> reporter: passengers across the globe telling us, so much for the airlines' new customer service. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. an insanity defense may be shaping up for the new york man accuse of killing an 8-year-old boy. he vee aaron was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after his lawyer told a judge that his client might be mentally ill. aron pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and murder during his arraignment yesterday. he's being held without bail and is on suicide watch. when casey anthony walks out of jail on sunday, a $1 million check will be waiting for her if she's willing to tell her story. radaronline has a picture of the actual check made out to casey marie anthony from freelance tv
3:07 am
producer al taylor. he's hoping to score anthony's first on-camera interview the minute she's set free. no word just yet whether anthony will actually take him up on his offer. roger clemens may be off the hook for good after his perjury case has ended in mistrial. a judge in washington said clemens cocodn't receive a fair trial after prosecutors showed the jury inadmissible evidence. clemens is charged with lying to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. he'll find out in september if the case will be retried or dismissed altogether. the president and congressional negotiators are taking a break from budget talks today. but mr. obama will again take his case to the public with his second news conference of the week. there are the slightest signs a compromise might be in the works. it would allow the president to raise the debt limit while cutting an equal amount in taxes. but what if there's no deal? john hendren looks at the doomsday scenario. >> reporter: if the debt talks fail, the government will have to start choosing in less than
3:08 am
three weeks. >> running out of time. and the eyes of the country are on us and the eyes of the world are on us. >> reporter: next month the government will take in $172 billion in taxes. but it will owe $307 billion. after paying the interest on the debt, the government could pay for social security, medicare, medicaid, troop salaries and veterans' benefits, homeland security, unemployment insurance, tax refunds, education, and the faa. but that means it could not fund the centers for disease control, food stamps, aid for needy families, federal housing, energy and highway programs, the fbi, and much more. as the clock winds down on the nation's credit, a war of words is boiling over. >> if they bring this economy down, they've broken and it they own it. >> republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors for the obama economy. >> reporter: democrats have found their villain. >> house majority leader rick cantor has shown he shouldn't even be at the table. >> it's time for leader cantor to make some concessions. >> childish.
3:09 am
>> reporter: cantor is taking it all in stride. >> leader reid is i imagine frustrated as we all are. and the fact is, we are going to abide by our principles. >> reporter: august 2nd is the date the u.s. could default on its debt and president obama's 50th birthday is two days later. the obama 2012 campaign had planned an august 3rd party in chicago for the president. but the white house says if there is no deal, there's no party. john hendren, abc news, washington. the fbi is launching its own investigation into the widening hacking scandal involving rou better murdock and his company. investigators want to know if news corp personnel tried to access cell phone messages and records of 9/11 victims and their families. murdock defended his company in today's "wall street journal," a newspaper he owns. murdock k ys his executives made only "minor mistakes." summer has taken a sour turn for three girls near savannah, georgia, after police shut down their lemonadee stand. the girls, aims 10 to 14, were
3:10 am
only in business for a day when some officers drove by and ordered them to stop selling lemonade. police say by law the girls must have a business license and a food permit to set up shop and they're making no exceptions. >> i mean, okay. now, is this not one of the most wonderful traditions of the summer where kids go out and sell lemonade? i think the authorities said they were concerned they didn't know what was actually in the lemonade. well, probably lemonade. you know? those are kids. >> a little water, a little sugar. way to kilt entrepreneurial spirit. >> lemonade would go down on a hot day. here's your friday forecast. gusty winds, hail and flash floods from billings to denver to minneapolis. heavy rain from new orleans to jacksonville and columbia. thunderstorms around houston, memphis, and louisville. showers from seattle to northern california. >> 92 degrees in albuquerque. 100 in phoenix. dallas heats up to 103. mostly 80s from austin to atlanta.
3:11 am
call this next tie the anti- new man. in his 28 years on the job, harry has driven 126 miles every day, six days a week. he's totaled more than 1 million miles for the postal service. >> that's about as reliable as you can get. he's done all that without one single motor vehicle accident, despite traveling along not so well-lit country roads in bad weather. sleet, snow, rain. those postal guys and gigis, women, they'll do whatever they can. >> he's totalled all his miles without a single totaled car. it's early, sorry about approximate we'll right back with more "world news now." hó
3:12 am
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well, just in case you've been living under a rock recently we've been hearing a lot about the battle over the debt limit. one of the many stories making headlines this week. >> and the country was also enamored with team usa's march
3:16 am
through the women's world cup. we said good-bye to an amazing first lady. here's "the week in quotes." >> no responsible leader would say the united states of america for the first time? its history should not pay its bills and meet its obligations. that would be catastrophic for the economy. >> it's not going to get easier, it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> it takes two to tango. and they're not there yet. >> this is turning into a laugh. except it's nothing funny about it. >> is there a reason that you're unwilling to discuss the exact methods used in this clinic for reparatory -- >> i'm focusing on turning the economy around and on jobs. that's what i'm focusing on. >> security breaches in the thousands. all these many years after 9/11 should concern the american people. >> no one is saying so far that murdock himself knew these phone hacking stints were going on.
3:17 am
>> no one should be paying for it. i would d ver do that. never. >> you have to consider why they've gone through what looks like a pretty painful event. her dress was beyond amazing. she looks like royalty. >> how has your first trip to the u.s. been? >> really enjoyed it, thank you very much. >> and she does! it's been a near miracle, this, in dresden. >> it was an emotional game. it was up, it was down, it was crazy in moments. but we came out on top and i couldn't be more proud of us. >> just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball. >> do it for your country. >> i'll do it for you. >> i'll move to the white house, do the best i can, and if they don't like it they kick me out. but they can't make me be somebody i'm not. >> of course, the presidential news conference scheduled for this morning at 11:00 eastern time. we'll of course have live coverage. >> absolutely. coming up, all the money the
3:18 am
federal government spends to manipulate commemorative coins. >> the astounding price tag for collectors' items that few people actually collect. it's your money next. we're going into overtime. he s! [loud feedback] man on tv: i'll tell you, duckett has been great in the clutch all-- [playing electric guitar] [guitar stops] [boy singing indistinctly, drums and guitar playing] announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life.
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♪ money money money must be funny in a rich man's world ♪ >> as the nation teeters on defaulting on our debt, many are wondering where the government can dustststs. the npr came up with one idea. >> each day the u.s. treasury mints nearly $2 million in coins. coins that mostly go directly into storage. abc's john karl checked it out. >> reporter: we took a journey to the u.s. mint in philadelphia where they seem to haveore doors than "get martsmart."
3:20 am
for a lesson in how the government is losing money by making money. it sounds a little bit like las vegas around here except the coins never stop coming. this is the presidential dollar coin. congress ordered the mint to make millions of them to honor every dead president. but nobody seems to want them. rutherford b. hayes. off the press, literally, these coins are still warm. they cost 32 cents a pop to make. the mint makes nearly 2 million of them every day. do the math. about $600,000 a day to make them. and each one of these bags, 140,000 coins, $140,000,, more than 2,000 pounds. because almost nobody uses these things most go directly into storage. we found a bunch of them 100 miles down the road in a vault. here at the federal reserve in baltimore, the coins are packed into plastic bags stacked one on
3:21 am
top of each other all the way up and down this aisle, several aisles of them, millions and millions of dollars in presidential coins. and some are in boxes. it turns out there just isn't much demand for a president polk dollar. the federal reserve says the coins are piling up so quickly they are now spending $650,000 to build a new vault in dallas to hold them. shipping the coins there will cost another $3 million. senator jack reed was one of the co-sponsors of the bill that directed the mint to make the coins. you see any of these things? do you have any of these in your pocket? >> i don't. i tell you, i like everybody else repeatedly use the nickels, dimes, quarters. >> reporter: meanwhile, they keep coming. already more than 1 billion made, and counting. jonathan karl, abc news, philadelphia 3 million in shipping costs.
3:22 am
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and uses dirt dissolving wet cloths to clean better than a mop. you're quite the pickup artist! [ male announcer ] 2 in 1 swiffer sweeper gives cleaning a whole new meaning. i can just smell the popcorn. >> the beat kind of gets you going. >> finalal, it is "insomniac theater" time. you can bet all the muggles will be rushing to see one movie in particular this weekend. >> we're talking of course about the final film in the harry potter franchise. but it's not just for younger fans. it's also the end for the movie's actors too. here's wabc's sanan kenyon. >> reporter: there's nothing like the hoopla over harry potter. and seeing all of the excitement surrounding the premiere of the finale, it's easy to understand why the total box office take for this series stands at more an $6 billion. >> it's been a wonderful,
3:26 am
exciting, bizarre ten years. >> reporter: members of the cast, so young when they started, have grown up in front of us. >> this has been such a -- such an important part of our lives, really. and it's kind of sculpted the kind of perern that i am today. >> reporter: rupert grint has been playing ron reesly for almost half of his life. 21-year-old emma watson has been hermione since she was 10. >> it almost feels like i'm watching another person. like i can't even identify with that girl. she feels almost foreign to me. it's like so much has happened. >> reporter: the three children became so famous so quickly, they lived what one of their directors called a strange, distorted life. and yet they have somehow managed to remain down to earth. they did it, rupert told me, by leaning on each other. >> just kind of being in the same kind of boat, really, from day one. and completely sharing this quite unique way of growing up.
3:27 am
>> reporter: their bond grew closer over time. which made the romantic scene emma and rupert had to play in the final film all the more difficult. >> she's like a relative, really. and the thought of kissing her just was a bit freaky. >> reporter: all are anxious to move on. but also sad to leave. >> i really kind of didn't expect me to really kind of feel like this, really. these kind of closing days. but it really has kind of hit me quite hard. >> it is amazing those three have managed to stay grounded. >> they started at kids and tweens and now it's mr. potter. >> exactly. this is threatening to break some box office records, especially with 3d tickets. this one actually has the best ratings in all of the series. >> yeah. >> so that will be interesting to see. it's already been a blockbuster. now you can add those, what is it, $20 to see a 3d movie these days? >> something like that. this is what i wear when i'm not here. >> love that. >> when i about out of the office here, i whip out my robe
3:28 am
and my wand. >> cast some spells. >> you didn't know woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? it can feel like there's a ton of weight on your chest. you could also feel squeezing, pressure, or discomfort. don't make excuses for these symptoms. make the call to 9-1-1. you might also feel shortness of breath. so don't make up an excuse, like, you're out of shape. make the call. did you know feeling nauseous can also mean you're having a heart attack?
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," tarmac terror. two jets collide on a taxiway at boston's logan airport, giving passengers on both flights a major scare. >> investigators will have a with day looking into what caused a smash-up involving a jumbo jet and a commuter plane. it's friday, july 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. >> i'm linsey davis in for peggy bunker. it's hard to believe by looking at the damage but just one of the passengers was taken to the hospital. this collision is eerily reminiscent of a similar crash a few months ago in new york. >> if you look closely you can see some of the damage in the video we're showing you. they really did just clip each other.
3:31 am
obviously it could have been a lot worse. this is the kind of thing you do think about as the plane is taxiing. you think, gosh, i hope somebody's watchinin all of thi. >> theheing and the tail right there. also ahead, it's being called a legal misfire. baseball's roger clemens' perjury trial was declared a mistrial. we'll exexain what happened and what's next. this is being accused of lying to congress. and this is a high-profile case that at this point is up in the air. >> the double jeopardy thing, we're not really sure if he could be tried again, we'll have to see. later on this half hour, lost and found. a love letter that was written way back in 1958 is discovered and delivered. you'll see why it's our favorite story of the day. >> and this was a letter, a handwritten -- do you remember handwritten letters? >> what's that? >> not e-mails. it's very unusual these days. >> i think i only get the electronic. >> we'll take a trip back in time. passengers aboard both planes were shaken up when the delta jet clipped the wing of a much smaller aircraft.
3:32 am
fortunately no one was seriously hurt. >> now they're trying to figure out how this accident could have happened. as abc's lisa stark reports, the investigatioiois getting under way this morning at boston's logan airport. >> reporter: it was a clear evening. still light out when the larger delta boeing 767 smacked into the smaller regional jet. both planes were damaged. the 767's wing tip was sliced. the tail of the regional jet badly mangled. >> i actually was looking out the window. it's funny, before. and i saw a plane off to the side thinking, you know, these planes are pretty close, i wonder if anybody sees -- you know, it's like those things that you hear about. >> it could have been a lot worse than it was. so we were just grateful no one was hurt. >> reporter: it apparently happened as the planes were taxiing for takeoff. the smaller plane had just turned off a main taxiway onto a second perpendicular roadway. the jumbo jet was still on that main taxiway coming from behind. apparently thought he would clear the smaller plane. he did not.
3:33 am
delta says the jumbo jet was heading to amsterdam, reportedly with 204 passengers and a crew of 11. the regional jet wound for raleigh durham, north carolina, reportedly with 74 passengers and three crew. one passenger on that small plane complained of a neck injury after the collision. no one else was hurt. this comes just three months after a similar mishap at new york's jfk airport. the dramatic collision there caught on tape as the wing tip of a giant airbus a-380 hit the tail of a regional jet and spun it. there were nearly 1,000 runway incidents last year at the nation's airports where planes got too close to each other or to vehicles. luckily, actual collisions are not common. but they are a major safety concern. lisa stark, abc news, washington. federal agents have apprehended a u.s. soldier accused of trying to sneak military explosives on an airline flight. the 19-year-old army private told investigators he picked up
3:34 am
a small amount of c-4 explosives while at a military training course. a tsa agent did a swab test on the soldier's bag and the test was positive. he was picked up before boarding a united airlines flight from yuma, arizona, to los angeles. the new york man accused in the brutal murder of an 8-year-old boy has been ordered to undergo psychological tests. levi aron told his attorney he sometimes hears voices and has hallucinations. he's being held on bond and is on suicide watch. andrea canning has more from new york. >> reporter: he's accused of an unthinkable crime. and as an angry crowd shouted in the distance, levi aron appeared in court charged with the murder of leibby kletzky. >> i have serious concerns about the defendant's mental state -- >> reporter: monday 8-year-old leibby asked his parents to let him walk home alone from kampfer the first time. just seven short blocks. but the boy took a wrong turn and asked the wrong man for directions. leibby and his attacker can be seen on this surveillance video.
3:35 am
leibby's parents felt they were acting safely. they had even practiced the route and were waiting for him. but he never arrived. now the tragedy has parents everywhere talking about when children should be allowed to walk home alone. each year about 115 children are abducted by strangers. experts say a seemingly safe neighborhood can be an even greater risk. >> the predator picks a place where a a ild will walk down the street because crime doesn't happen there. perversion happens everywhere. >> reporter: safety expert deborah holtzman says every child is different, but 10 to 12 years old is often when children are mature enough to walk alone. >> you want to point out specific people that they can ask for help if they get into some trouble, like retailers in the area, and certainly they can go with a mom with kids. >> reporter: holtzman also recommends a cell phone or whistle. traveling with a buddy, and going over tricks a predator may use.
3:36 am
>> they may ask, you know, if they've lost a puppy, can you help them? do they need a ride? can they show w em how to get to a place or a park? >> reporter: practical advice for parents and children to help prevent another tragic ending. andrea canning, abc news, new york. a warning for recent visitors to the las vegas strip. managers of the aria resort and casino say recent guests may have been exposed to bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. six guests that stayed there got sick with pneumonia. the mistrial in the bench case against roger clemens is blamed on a a grave mistake by prosecutors. after the jury saw forbidden evidence the judge said he could not unring the bell. so day two the trial came to a surprising end. abc's t.j. winick explains. >> reporter: call it a misfire in the federal case against the pitcher known as the rocket. the roger clemens perjury trial ending in a mistrial on n st its second day. >> it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: the 48-year-old former pitcher and his legal team left the courthouse in washington after the judge admonished prosecutors for
3:37 am
presenting evidence previously deemed inadmissible. specifically, they showed the jury portions of clemens' 2008 congressional testimony which referenced former teammate andy pettitte claiming to discuss steroids with clemens. >> i think he misremembers. >> very well. >> of our conversation. >> reporter: pettitte and former clemens trainer brian mcnamee were to be key government witnesses. >> during the time that i worked with roger clemens i injected him on numerous occasions with steroids and human growth hormones. >> reporter: clemens was indicted last august for his testimony regarding alleged use of steroids and human growth hormone or hgh. >> let me be clear. i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> reporter: in opening statements clemens' attorney rusty harden pointed out taxpayer dollars spent on the government's case so far. 103 law enforcement officers, nine attorneys, 229 investigative reports, and 72 investigative locations. >> you can't try someone twice for the same crime. if the judge decides jeopardy's attached, this trial's done.
3:38 am
>> reporter: for now, though, of his 354 career wins, you get the feeling this victory in court might be among the sweetest for roger clemens. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. let's shift gears a little bit now. it's time for your friday forecast. stormy with a threat of tornados from denver to minneapolis. downpours drench the southwest. showers in the pacific northwest. downpours from new orleans to tallahassee and the carolinas. thunderstorms in the tennessee and mississippi valleys. >> 92 in miami. 82 in atlanta. and 84 degrees here in new york. mostly 80s from fargo to detroit. 87 in boise. 70s from seattle down to sacramento. a crimimcrackdown is under way in the town of stallings, north carolina, , d by a rather, let's say, seasoned posse. fed up with the bad guys. >> they call themselves the vigilante grannies.. they're 70-something women who have started their own crime watch program after a sharp increase in vandalism. >> their vigilance has already
3:39 am
led to one arrest of a suspected drug dealer in the neighborhood park. one granny says she will not back down until she's certain her neighborhood returns to normal. they prefer experienced, mature crime fighters. not old. you don't call them old crime fighters. >> exactly right. you don't mess with granny. >> you don't mess with the grannies, that's absolutely right. we'll be right back with more "world news now." [ female announcer ] discover the foundation women are loving! covergirl natureluxe silk foundation. giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. it has a light touch of cucumber instead of a heavy synthetic. a smooth, silky, amazing feel. it covers flawlessly with a touch women can't get enough of.
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now let's take a look at the stories tearing up the yahoo! search engines this week. there was interest in a scandal and also in soccer. >> how about those women. and muggles were looking up details of the final act of a certain wizard. yahoo! web life editor heather cabot joins us with those stories and more. good morning, heather. happy friday, guys. the scandal rapidly engulfing rupert murdock and his media empire riveted yahoo! users this week. searches for murdock are up more than 18,000%. as news corp abandoned its multi-billion dollar bid to buy british satellite broadcaster bskyb. the web has been buzzing for more than a week about murdock ever since the allegations of hacking and bribery by employees of the british tabloid "news of world" surfaced and murdock shut down the 168-year-old paper. lookups for rebecca brooks shot up in the wake of the british prime minister's call for her resignation and the announcement of a public inquiry.
3:44 am
another international story captivating folks here at home is the action at the women's world cup in dresden, germany. according to fifa, more than 29 million women around the world play soccer. and if searches are any indication, this tournament is sure to light an even bigger passion for the sport in the u.s. as team usa heads into the final match on sunday against japan, players hope solo, abby wambach, and megan rapinoe are the most-searched team members right now on yahoo!. now to hollywood news and the harry potter frenzy. fans are getting nostalgic at the series draws to a close with the opening of the final movie part 2 of "harry potter and the deathly hallows." searches for the complete list of the movies in order are up 265% right now. people are scouring the web for hogwarts merchandise like wands, costumes, and even a harry potter chess set. and speaking of nostalgia, the death of sherwood schwartz, the and "the brady bunch" is land" stirring up lots of memories for people of a certain age.
3:45 am
and it seems fans of the shows that first aired in the late '60s and early '70s have more of a soft spot for the cast-aways over mike and carol. searches for "gilligan's island" are up 4,500%, more than 35 times the searches for the bradys. have a great weekend, guys. back to you. >> don't you love how she said people of a certain age? >> yes. >> i can't even imagine people who don't know about the the three-hour tour or the boxes looking around. ♪ the three-hour tour >> the songs are so popular. he actually co-wrote the theme songs for both "the brady bunch" and "gilligan's island." >> that's right, and here we are. this makes you marianne. >> oh, look at that, i didn't even recognize myself. i'm -- oh, that's greg and carol. >> yes. >> well. i thought it was the professor for a second. i don't know what to say. >> we look good together. >> we do. maybe we'll be in reruns at some point too. coming up, separating fact from fiction regarding brad pitt and angelina jolie's relationship. and how helen mirren is putting more skin into "the skinny."
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
it's time now for "the skinny." we start with an update to a story we told you about last night when we were talking about the rumors -- we did couch them as rumors -- that brad pitt and angelina jolie, the brangelina, could be getting married. this was a story in "us weekly." >> we've been hearing about this for years, as a matter of fact. >> exactly, it's a rumor that's been going on for a long time. well, evidently they're not getting married. scott is extremely disappointed. we're going to be consoling him throughout the rest of the morning with some tissues. "people" magazine reporting this is all just a bunch of rumors. however, both brad pitt and angelina jolie have said over the years their kids, and they have so many of them i can't keep track anymore, but the kids have asksk about them getting married. so that they've considered it. it's a possibility. we'll see. >> they're waiting for the kids to all graduate first. >> exactly, get them out of the house. >> save up for the wedding. >> right. >> they say they're open to tying the knot so it could still happen. >> it could still happen. we'll see what sort of
3:49 am
wedding it will be, intimate affair, something a little more on the royal wedding scale. who knows. >> we put this baby to bed until the next magazine decides they want to make it their cover story. >> exactly. >> all right. so how would you like to find out that you lost your job over a social networking site? >> this seems like the world we live in these days. >> i'm a little bit nervous that the producers told me to check my blackberry when the show was over. so chris colfer, he learned he was leaving "glee" via twitter. he says that he has mixed emotions about leaving "glee" after next season. but according to one of the show's co-creators, he said you can keep theheon the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate them at the end of their senior year. >> you know, he's an emmy award winning actor. he just got nominated for another emmy yesterday. and so clearly it's not based on his talent, you would think. >> right. >> that this is just being done because of the plot -- >> age.
3:50 am
it's age discrimination. >> age discrimination, those young people. let's move on to somebody else on the other end of the age spectrum. in this case we're talking about helen mirren. whew. >> hello. >> she's looking good. >> have you seen the picture? >> in fact, she's looking -- i have definitely seen the picture. this might be my screen saver later. i'm just saying. >> all hail to the queen. a little cleavage there. >> she played the queen. >> right. >> she is the cover of "esquire" magazine draped in the union jack. believe it or not, she beat out 25-year-old -- by the way, we should say she is 65. i mean, she looks fantastic, obviously. just amazing. she beat out 25-year-old megan fox to win the "esquire" sexiest woman alive competition. clearly she's doing well. we don't really know what her secret to longevity is and looking so wonderful. but i don't know if we can pull that picture up again. >> have you seen any other sexy women in magazines lately? >> um -- yes. i think she outdoes a lot of the younger women out there. there we go. >> i thought we were going to see another one for a second there. >> oh, yeah.
3:51 am
no, unfortunately that's the only one we have. >> all right. and so the larger than life actor jonah hill. you know him from "super bad." >> he was in "super bad," "get him to the greek." look at him now. >> right. jenny craig worked for me. you know slimfast has got to be calling. he showed up at the espy awards virtually unrecognizable. apparently he says that he was doing it for health purposes. but also happens to be a new role that he's working on. >> "21 jump street." >> exactly. >> and look at that. >> he just looked kind of a mess for a while. and his hair got a little crazy. and you just thought, gosh, i hope this guy's not going down the really seriously overweight/obese comedian road which you had to worry about. >> he was often typecast as well for that heavier, bigger -- >> the schlubby guy. now looks fantastic. when we return, who just delivered a letter written 53 years ago? >> the words of love from so, so
3:52 am
long ago. and so meaningful today. you're watching "world news now." the statue of liberty? the grand d nyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for "little or no money." jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with the purchase of your power chair. it reaches, it grabs, it's collapsible and it's portable. it goes wherever you go. get it free while supplies last. call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber.
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. a tentative laborr agreement could be reached as early as today for the nfl. negotiators made significant progress on a major sticking point during marathon talks. but other big issues are still unresolved. president obama gave congressional leaders until saturday to reach a solution for the federal debt. the president will host a news conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern time today and abc news will have live coverage. and minnesota's governor has a tentative budget agreement with state lawmakers. a $5 billion deficit for state offices and services to close down earlier this month. and finally it is that time again. our, ready, favorite story of the day. it's the tale of a love letter
3:56 am
that took more than half a century to get to its recipient. >> it was recently found in the mail room of a university outside pittsburgh. and that's when the workers there went into action. here's wtae's michelel wright. >> reporter: the mystery in the mail room had the whole campus buzzing. a letter postmarked february 1958 had finally arrived. but how was mail room supervisor connie morris going to track him down from 53 years ago? it was signed "forever, vonnie." there were few other clues. clark moore's family in pittsburgh, though, saw it and called him in indianapolis. >> shocked. you mean right after i got up off the floor, what was my reaction? >> reporter: he called us and talked about he and his girlfriend often wrote each other while he was studying science at cal-u. >> we wrote often to one another. we didn't have e-mail and ipods and, you know, computers. so we did it the old-fashioned way. pen and paper.
3:57 am
>> reporter: he's 74 now and says romance was much different back then. he and vonnie eventually married and had four children together, a relationship which grew with letters from the heart. he says it's a great lesson for young people today. >> as a guy, if you're going to send a letter to a girl, i think it's more thoughtful and more romantic, definitely. >> it's different. but it's good. it's very personal. so it's a personal touch. >> it's more meaniniful. your heart comes across a lot bebeer with the pen and the paper than e-mail. >> reporter: now clark is eager to read the words meant only for him. >> we have a system here in america where if something is for you and if they find it, it gets to you. that's beautiful. >> now this really strikes a chord with me. i mean, if you want to get to know, send a message to me, i would rather a message in a bottle, a card, a letter, anything but an e-mail or a text. even if it takes decades. >> no one can read my handwriting.
3:58 am
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